Zenoth, the alien from Jupiter

zenoth_low zenoth_diffuse zenoth_shaded zenoth_wires

I know that almost everything has already been said about aliens, but I just wanted to share my personal view about them, or about one of them. When we think about aliens we tend to ask ourselves “Are they good? Or evil” but I just wanted to shift my view from this clichè, I imagined them as creatures, nor good or bad, just living beings. As a predator like a lion, it’s not bad because it kills other animals to eat, it’s just its DNA. This is the same for Zenoth, he comes to Earth to eliminate humans because they need our planet. Just for this reason. No chances to communicate with him, he just doesn’t care about us as we doesn’t care about ants. He’s not curious, he doesn’t feel anything, his mission is to eliminate us. And he’s not bad because he kills humans, and there’s no reason to eliminate us because of something wrong we did as human beings. We’re just in the wrong place Think about earth as an old garage that we need, we just clean it, clean out the spider webs, sweep away little animals and we have our cleaned garage. Do we feel bad about those little creatures? Are we evil?

Software used: 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Topogun, Photoshop, Mental Ray.

Making of released for 3D Crative Magazine, issue #45 May 2009