About Me

My name is Federico Scarbini, I’m a self-taught italian artist working at “The Moving Picture Company” in London as Assets Lead.

In the past years I’ve been trying to push my skills studying anatomy, drawing and modeling, focusing on the organic forms and the expression of the human body.

In my sculpting I mainly model from original concept because I really enjoy the creation process plus this way I can establish a deeper understanding of the logic behind a character.


• “Alien: Covenant” – Texturing Lead.

• “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” – Assets Lead.

• “The Jungle Book” – Texturing Lead.

• “Victor Frankenstein” – Assets Lead.

• “X-Men: Days of the future past” – Modeler and Textures Artist.

• “The Monuments Men” – Assets Lead.

• “300: Rise of an Empire” – Modeler/Textures Artist.

• “Maleficent” – Modeler/Textures Artist.

• “The Seventh Son” – Modeler/Textures Artist.

• “Total Recall” – Modeler/Textures Artist.

• “Skyfall” – Textures Artist.

• “Dark Shadows” – Character finishing artist: corrective blendshapes for anatomy fixes, features tracking.

• “Dark Shadows” – Texture Artist: Texturing Creatures and Digi Doubles, sculpting displacement maps.


High poly and low poly modeling; deformation based topology.

Uv unwrap optimized for minimal stretching.

Baking of normal maps, displacement maps.

Both hand painted and photo based texture maps creation.

Digital double sculpting and high accuracy sculpting based on maquette or drawing.

Software knowledge:

3D Studio Max



Body Paint