Sculpting the Digital Maquette

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Video tutorial done for Digital Tutors’ Creative Development Series focused on sculpting a digital maquette.

Here you have what will be covered in the tutorial:
“We are going to use Zbrush to create a Digital Maquette from start to finish,we will first use zbrush powerfull dynamesh as a concepting tool to explore our ideas and to create a base for our character, we will then go into the sculpting process of defining primary forms and character’s structure, secondary forms and muscle volumes and finally we will detailing our sculpt using custom brushes and alphas to create a realistic skin details.
We will then use Fibermesh to create the fur and add realism as well as create some very realistic lighting using HDRI and Lightcap in order to render the passes used for the final illustration.”

Here you could find the tutorial:

Sculpting the digital maquette

Software used: ZBrush