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For this project I started from a background concept, nothing terrific, just simple guidelines to imagine how this creature could look like instead of starting from a design sketch as I did before. I find very helpfull in the design process to have some hints just to be more consistent though not sacrifice creativity. Modeled in Max and Zbrush, rendered in mental ray. Little background story, somewhat banal maybe but really helpfull during the concept process.

“The Reproductors breed live just outside a village, in a swampy forest. They are sort of legendary creatures for common people and no one knows where they are or their true aspect, just silhouette in the darkness heritage from ancient tales. They live in some sort of shacks that in the centuries have been stack up so much that now seems to be a unique huge temple. They are really weak creatures, they eat just bugs and little animals that fall or get trapped into the cavity of their throat that act as a carnivore plant. The chosen girls from the village are the only opportunity for the reproductors to get sons, all the girls, after the birth of the creature’s son, die so really no one could tell about the true aspect of those creatures. It’s obvious what they do but for the people from the village they are so legendary that no one could think they are so ugly and sick. Instead girls really think that the chosen ones could have a better life in the legendary temple. All the piercings they have in the cavity is both for hierarchy in the breed and because this way they simulate tiny lights blinking and bugs are attracted from light so while the reproductors sit in the darkness of their temple could attract insects without moving reflecting the light coming from outside. The chains in the “THING”are there because they are too weak to get an erection so when it’s time to couple they raise their hand….”

Software used: 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Mental Ray.